NFL Survivor

Join in our 2019-2020 NFL Survivor Game!

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Show off your football smarts, have FUN, win MONEY, and SUPPORT HIBERNIAN CHARITIES!

Each week players select one NFL team to win its game. If the player’s selected team wins he/she continues to the next week and can pick any team they feel will win in week 2. If the team the player selects loses they are eliminated from further participation. Players will have an opportunity to select a team within an hour of a game’s kickoff.  For instance, if you’ve forgotten to make a pick during any of Thursday/Sunday’s games you will still have an opportunity to select a winner for Monday night’s game (within the 1-hour rule). Once a player picks a team, it can’t be chosen again.  That team is locked out.

The game proceeds until one player is left and they get half of the pool – the other half goes to AOH Charities.

Each entry costs $20 ($10 of each entry is tax-deductible.)

Anyone recruiting 10 players receives 1 free entry.

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